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At the Grocery Shop

Request a price quote.

Please number your responses from 1 to 6 for easy communication.

And remember, a SAMPLE is worth a thousand questions... so be ready to provide us your finished/packaged product sample.


We need the following information to provide you a price estimate.

1) Batch Size
Be sure your batch size is "production ready" - we recommend 200 lb - 500 lb batch. The larger the batch, the more efficient for our processes, which will lower your costs.

2) Ingredients & Measurements
List your ingredients and their measurements according to your batch. Use only pounds and ounces. Do Not use tablespoon, cups, bunches, etc.

3) Specific ingredients
If a particular ingredient is critical to your product, list it specifically (e.g. "Kikkoman Organic Soy Sauce" rather than simply saying "Soy Sauce"). Otherwise, we will use our standard brand, and our pricing will reflect this standard brand.

4) Processing steps
List your processing steps in detailed fashion, (e.g. "Mix ingredients thoroughly in separate container. Add slowly to ground pork.") The more detail, the better, so we fully understand how to process your product and meet your quality expectations.

5) Packaging

You MUST specify how the product will be packaged. Keep in mind that packaging costs and labor associated with packing make up an important part of overall product cost.


For example: "Pack 6 sausage links onto a white, 2S tray styrofoam tray. Vacuum seal tray in 6x8 vacuum bag. Add 4x6 label to top of packaging. Pack 24 trays into one master carton."


Another example: "Pack 12 spring rolls into a 8x10 plastic bag and seal. Add 4x6 label to center of bag. Place sealed bags inside printed box (box must be first erected from flat form). Pack 12 boxes into master carton."


If you require pre-printed boxes or bags, you will be expected to provide these. If you are using labels, please call to discuss that we can possibly print and supply these for you.

6) Packing

Be sure to include how many packages will be included into each master carton. You will likely be expected to provide the master cartons.

... and ALWAYS provide a product sample please!

2010 - present

2010 - present

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