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Let's see if it's a fit.

Copacking is a partnership. Read below to see if your business situation matches well with our services.

Learn a bit more about the services we offer, as well as some of our requirements.

1) Your food product must already be an established item
We do NOT offer Research & Development services. We also do NOT provide product trials or trial batches.
We DO implement your tried & true product formulation and processing steps!

2) As an established product, you already have:

  • A sample you can provide us (complete with packaging)

  • An approved product formulation, adapted for mass "production scale" batches (500 lbs or more)

  • Expected shelf life

  • Intended packaging

  • Intended net weight per package

  • Nutritional Facts

  • Developed sales/distribution channels

3) Price estimate
Let us provide you a quote. If you require a specific cut, brand, or grade of ingredient, be sure to let us know so we can give you the most accurate price estimate.

4) Minimum order requirements

Generally speaking, we require each Purchase Order be about 2,000 lbs of finished goods.

5) Lead times

Will vary greatly depending on the complexity of your product, time required to procure your ingredients and packaging materials.

Ready to request a quote? Click here for the information we'll need to get started.

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